MIUC StartUP School

March 8, 2024 0

At MIUC, we are deeply committed to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit within our student community, empowering aspiring individuals to transform their dreams into tangible achievements. Read More

Web 3.0 Conferences

March 8, 2024 0

¨WEB 3.0 and the Future of Globalisation”  seminar kicked in is an introduction to the series by prof. Christophe de Landtsheer on the 16th of Read More

MIUC Web3 Conferences

January 29, 2024 0

Exploring the Future of the Internet: Marbella International University’s ‘THE WAY TO WEB3’ Conference Series The internet, as we know it, is on the brink Read More

MIUC Champagne Reception 2023

November 28, 2023 0

MIUC’s Champagne Reception in 2023, held for our Partners, Friends, and Staff, proved to be an unequivocal triumph. We extend our sincere gratitude to all Read More

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