What is the English placement test?

The English test is designed to assess students´ knowledge of English grammar and usage. It’s a comprehensive, international assessment covering the two-stranded core language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The test should not take longer than 45 minutes to complete.

Are native English speakers exempt from the English Placement Test?

The placement test is obligatory for all students, including native English students, as this allows us to place them in the appropriate academic English courses.

Exemptions: This will be determined upon assessment of the English Placement Test.

Are IELTS/TOEFL/PEARSON scores or previous English assessments valid for my MIUC application?

Generally, English language tests are only valid for two years. We accept tests taken up to two years preceding the programme start date. However, MIUC reserves the right to request further test evidence, once students arrive at the MIUC campus, to allow a more reliable assessment, and allocation of student groups. Applicants should note that extensions of previous assessments are not automatically granted since the evidence already submitted may not reflect the applicant’s level of English at the time of application.

What other languages are offered at MIUC?

MIUC recognizes the value of speaking multiple languages in a world in which global relationships are often a necessity for businesses and organisations to thrive. At MIUC, we offer language courses in Spanish.

What programmes do you offer?

Undergraduate programmes (3 Years | 360 UK Credits)

Postgraduate programmes (1 Year | 120 UK Credits)

Are my MIUC credits transferable to other universities?

Yes. As part of the way in which the Bologna Process brings EHEA together and facilitates student mobility and degree recognition is through a collective credit system (ECTS), which are awarded to each student as they advance throughout their studies. The credits may be transferred to another institution. Though it is up to the other institution to evaluate each of the credit transfers, MIUC is committed to helping students who wish to transfer to either a partner university or independent university.

*This information has been taken from www.ehea.info. Please visit the site for full information on the Bologna Process, EHEA and the countries and members that participate.

For more detailed explanations on ECTS credits please download the following guide (PDF): Download PDF

What is the general daily schedule for a BA Student/ MA Student?

Classes are normally held between the hours of 09.00 and 17.00 except on Fridays. Fridays are reserved for self-study times, giving the students the opportunity to catch up with learning materials of that week, discuss with their peers the team assignments, and meet lecturers for any open questions the students might have and extracurricular activities.

What are the term dates and other key University dates?

To obatain further details please contact our admissions at admissions@miuc.org 

Financial questions

Are there any tuition fees?

MIUC charges 1200 euros as a first instalment to cover the cost of processing each application. The Tuition Fees for the higher education programmes are as follows:

  • Undergraduate Programmes:
    EUR 18,900 per academic year
  • Postgraduate Programmes:
    EUR 19,900 for the entire course

For further information please see also our page: Tuition fees

How do I make my payment?

Payments can be made by Bank transfer, cheque or credit card at the Admissions Office on the first floor.

To obtain further details please contact our admissions at admissions@miuc.org 

Please quote your student ID number and student name on any transfer you make to the University’s bank account.

Please note: Bank transfer transactions can take up to ten working days to arrive and as such you should always commence the transaction before your payment due date. Any bank charges incurred at the time of the transfer will be passed on to you. The University neither makes charges nor accepts bank charges for such transactions.

By Cheque
Cheques or banker´s drafts should be made payable to “MISC Marbella International Studies Centre “and should clearly note on the back: your name, student ID number, purpose of your payment (i.e. tuition fees…). The cheque or banker´s draft can be sent to us by post or paid in person.

Send by post to:
MIUC-Marbella International University Centre
Avenida Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón, s/n Finca El Pinillo
29601 Marbella | Málaga | Spain

Pay it in person: at the Admissions Office situated on the first Floor. Opening times are from 9.00hrs to 17.30 hrs.

Please note: the University does not accept Eurocheques.

By Credit Card
Approved credit cards are Discover, MasterCard and VISA.


How can I order a prospectus?

Our prospectus is available both online and in print. The online version contains all the information of our printed prospectuses, as well as additional content and links to further source information about MIUC, student life in Marbella and much more.

For free download:   MIUC Brochure

Can I visit the University?

The best way to really get to know MIUC is by visiting our campus;  by taking a tour, attending an information session and, if you’d like, sitting in on a class as a guest student and talking to a number of students who can share their personal MIUC stories with you. Our goal is to help you decide whether MIUC is a good choice for you, thereby also gaining a broader concept of the MIUC learning environment.

Although walk-in visitors are always welcome, we recommend scheduling ahead.
Visits begin at our main area at reception and we are open Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 17:30.

A campus visit typically consists of a tour led by an admissions advisor, followed by an informative session, including the presentations of a few lecturers, meeting the dean (if available) and meeting the student body.

How do I get to the University?

Marbella International University Centre is located in a quiet area of Marbella, at walking distance to the city centre and the beach.

Avenida Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón, s/n Finca El Pinillo
29601 Marbella | Málaga | Spain

Telephone: + 34 952 860 000 | E-mail:  info@miuc.org

What are the entry requirements?

For all BA applicant, the following entry requirements must be met:

  • High school certificate. All candidates with a completed high school education are eligible to apply. Students who have studied part of a degree at a different University or accredited higher education institution can apply for a credit transfer.
  • Proof of English proficiency* for candidates who have not previously studied in an English-speaking school or country.
    The tests and minimum scores accepted are:
    - IELTS - 6
    - TOEFL iBT - 72
    - Cambridge Certificate - B2
    - MIUC English Test - Pass

Application Supporting Documents:

You will need to provide the following documents with your application:

  • Copy of passport or ID
  • Passport-size digital photograph
  • Proof of English proficiency (If you are not from an English-speaking country or have not previously studied in English)
  • High school certificate (Officially translated to English or Spanish) or expected grades/results if you do not have the official diploma yet.
  • High school grade transcripts (Officially translated into English or Spanish)
  • Statement of Purpose (500 words on why you want to study at MIUC, your expectations and aspirations)

For all MA applicants, the following entry requirements must be met:

  • 4 Year Bachelor Degree or equivalent* from a nationally- or internationally-accredited academic institution.
  • Proof of English proficiency** (for candidates who have not previously studied in an English-speaking school or country) If you do not satisfy the English language requirements, MIUC offers pre-sessional English courses.

Supporting Documents for Postgraduate Applications:

  • Copy of passport or ID
  • Passport-size digital photograph
  • Statement of Purpose (500 words on why you want to study at MIUC, your expectations and aspirations)
  • Proof of English proficiency (If you are not from an English speaking country or have not previously studied in English)**
    - IELTS 7
    - TOEFL iBT 95
    - Cambridge Certificate C1
    - MIUC English Test - Pass
  • Bachelor certificate (Officially translated into English or Spanish)
  • Bachelor grade transcripts (Officially translated to English or Spanish)

*If you have not completed a four-year bachelor degree, you may be eligible to undertake the final year(s) at MIUC and subsequently enrol in the MA programme. Contact admissions@miuc.org for more information.

Is there a deadline for submitting the application form?

No, there is no definite deadline for an application. We receive and process applications on an ongoing basis as they are sent in. However, it is best to apply at least a few months before your programme starts, as it takes MIUC up to four weeks to review your application and transcripts and documents.

What is the interview about? And how can I prepare myself for it?

MIUC encourages personal interviews as part of the application process. The interview can either be done directly on campus or via Skype. The applicant should consider the interview as an opportunity to display his or her unique personality traits, discuss what he or she can bring as a new student to the MIUC campus and build a personal relationship with the admission officer.

The interview is also a great opportunity for applicants to ask questions about MIUC, their chosen programmes or extracurricular activities. Applicants might be nervous and that is understandable, though we urge all applicants to just be themselves, to think about why MIUC appeals to you, what you wish to study, and what you might like to do after graduation. The interview is all about getting to know you as a student and to allocate you to the appropriate class groups.  Finally, remember our interviewers want the interview to go well too!

What is the difference between Application, Admissions and Acceptance?

Application is the process of applying for admission to a programme in MIUC. In order to apply, you will require an application form and a copy of your official high school and post-secondary school transcripts.
* Please also refer to the entry requirements and supporting documents.

Acceptance follows the process of reviewing your application and documentation, and determining if you possess the admission requirements to be admitted to a programme in MIUC. If so, you will be offered a seat in the next available intake of your programme choice, along with the offer of different payment options. Once the applicant agrees to the acceptance, it must to be signed, the first payment, along with the non-refundable registration, be made and returned to the MIUC Admissions Office.

Admission means that you have been granted acceptance to MIUC and have confirmed your admission seat offer, by paying the non-refundable registration deposit and the tuition fees. The admission letter is your confirmation that you will be studying at MIUC.

Information regarding registration and enrolment for your first semester will be provided prior to the programme´s starting date.

My diploma and transcripts are not in English. Will you accept them?

If your documents are not in English, we may require sworn certified translations to be submitted with your documents. If you do not have a transcript translation, we can provide you with contacts for this service after you have submitted your application.


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