What’s behind the Apple logo?

Today almost everyone in the western world owns an Apple product. We see the logo everywhere but very few actually know what the logo stands for. Is it not odd that one of the largest technological companies in the world has an apple for a logo? What has a fruit anything to do with technology?

Lets take a bite and find out.

Today, we think of the Apple logo as a simple but sleek design, representative of the Apple brand. But it wasn’t always that way. The logo originally had a picture of Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree.

Apple's First Logo (1976)
Apple’s First Logo (1976)

Eventually, it was changed into a rainbow picture of an apple.

Apple Logo - Explained
(1976 – 1998)

And finally, it changed into the logo we know and love today.

Apple Logo - Explained
Current Logo

What is the Apple’s meaning?

First off all what does the apple look like. It is not a full apple. Someone has been cheeky enough to take a bite from it…That is not very nice and how odd of Apple to actually not present a nice clean full apple which us symmetric and all?

Where else have we seen or heard a story about someone taking a bite out of an apple?

Apple Logo - Explained

No we need to actually go further back then that.

Apple Logo - Explained

Now hang on…What has the bible to do with the holy bible? Come on…

In the bible, Adam and Eve are tempted, by satan, to taste the fruit from the tree of knowledge. Eve, like Disney’s heroine, gives in to temptation and takes a bite of an apple. Once Adam and Eve had their first taste of knowledge, they knew that they were naked, and they were ashamed.

Apple Logo - Explained

That first bite of the apple represents the fall of man.
That doesn’t seem like a nice metaphor for a company?
Use Apple and be part of the downfall of man!!

Apple Logo - Explained

The Apple logo symbolises our use of their computers to obtain knowledge and, ideally, enlighten the human race (when we’re not too busy using them to look at cat GIFs, that is).

Author: Christian Frode Olsen