MIUC Hosts Triple A Animal Shelter Charity Event

Triple A charity event at MIUC
MIUC was honoured to host a charity event for the Triple A Animal Shelter, an organisation based here in Marbella, that seeks to rescue, rehabilitate, and find homes for stray animals in the area.

The event was organised by the MIUC Charity Club, and was covered by Nicole King from Marbella Now. This was an awesome day that shows what a difference can be made when young entrepreneurs come together with charity organisations; as Nicole says, we are #bettertogether!

Marbella Now interviewed two representatives from MIUC; one of our students, Gerald Sata, and our International Recruiter and member of the Admission Committee, Hitch Amiar.

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Gerald began his interview with a beautiful rendition of Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World”.

“I love this place so much,” Gerald told Nicole after the song was over.

Gerald is a first-year Psychology student here at MIUC, who originally comes from Zambia. He has been in Marbella for almost a year now, and says that he finds MIUC to be a very comforting environment, with amazing students, and wonderful teachers.

When Gerald finishes his degree at MIUC, he wants to set up his own firm back home in Zambia. This is because, according to Gerald, the country has very few mental health institutions, and he wants to help people in his country who are suffering from a mental illness but have nowhere to go.

The youth have the answers, points out presenter Nicole King.

“Let them lead the way!” she says.

This is a sentiment shared by Hitch Amiar, he refers to the work that MIUC student Davidson Wakairu is doing, and tells Nicole that Davidson reflects the excellence MIUC wishes to cultivate.

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Hitch has been in Marbella for 5 years now, and says that he loves the multicultural environment of the city, something that MIUC replicates in its student body, which is made up of many different nationalities and personalities.

“Students who come from overseas have the opportunity to experience the Spanish culture,” Hitch adds, “not only the language, but the culture at the same time.”

Another aspect of Marbella that Hitch appreciates is the professional opportunities it offers, with foreign investors and business people from all over the world finding themselves in this beautifully sunny city. This is why MIUC’s programmes in business, marketing, and international relations are so important.

“We want to make sure that our students are very well-surrounded and have the ability to penetrate the international job market,” says Hitch.

MIUC is also devoted to providing students with the opportunity to be part of clubs that align with their interests, helping them integrate at the university when they arrive for the first time, while also preparing them to work in international companies and global organisations in the future.

Marbella International University Centre would like to thank the MIUC Charity Club and the Triple A Animal Shelter for organising such a worthwhile and heart-warming event.