MIUC Student Davidson Wakairu Makes a Difference

MIUC Student Davidson Wakairu Makes a Difference
Davidson Wakairu, one of our BA Marketing and Advertising Students and MIUC’s student board President, is taking the world by storm, making a difference on an environmental and social level through his organisation, Vijana Amkeni.

On the 20th of August, Davidson was on Switch TV Kenya to talk about his organisation, Vijana Amkeni, a movement that brings the youth together to solve issues and get involved in country affairs, particularly on an environmental level.

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Given that young people make up the majority of Kenya’s population, Vijana Amkeni is focused on the promotion of youth engagement, leading young people in the country and encouraging them to be part of the decision-making processes from which they are frequently excluded.

One of their main initiatives is centred around finding ways to limit the harmful effects of global warming on our environment. In an effort to improve our current environmental situation, the organisation wants to have planted 47 000 000 trees in Kenya by 2022!

Wakairu is confident that they will meet this goal, with the organisational efforts having already culminated in the planting of 250 000 trees in various Kenyan districts.

Vijana Amkeni is also devoted to youth mentorship to facilitate better mental health among young people. According to Davidson, suicide rates among young people in Kenya indicate that the youth need better support systems and motivational role-models to show them that they will make it, and that they are an important part of the world.

The name of the organisation means “Youth Stand Up” in Swahili, symbolising Vijana Amkeni’s firm belief that the youth hold the power. Davidson states that the youth have incredible potential to make a difference, and that continued support between young people will make us a force to be reckoned with!

MIUC is so proud of the amazing work Davidson is doing, and we can’t wait to see how his work makes valuable changes throughout Kenya and the rest of the world.