6 Reasons why you should learn Programming

When you hear the word “Programming”, what do you feel? Do you get scared? Does it sound interesting to you?

“Programming” normally provokes different reactions, and it is true that programming is not an easy task (although programming nowadays is easier than it used to be in the past). However, learning programming does have many benefits, and in this blog entry we will review some of them. In particular, we are going to show you six reasons why you should learn programming.

1. To get money

Did you that according to several studies (check for example [1], [2] and [3]) software developer is the most in-demand job in the world? Yes, the world needs tons of programmers: for data science, application development, web development… No matter which field you like the most, there will be a job for you out there if you learn programming.

2. To become a better boss (or workmate)

You do not want to become a programmer? That’s fine! However, you will most probably need to work with programmers, or even manage them. According to my experience as a developer and business analyst, there is normally a big gap between business people and IT people. It looks like we do not understand each other, as if we speak different languages… IT people should think more in terms of business impacts and user experience (rather than just in technologies), and business people should get a better understanding of the complexity of technologies and programming. We basically need to get a better understanding of each one’s needs.

3. To satisfy your curiosity

We are surrounded by all types of devices: desktop computers, laptops, tablets, phones… and we are all the time using their programs and applications. Aren’t you curious about how these work? Would you like to get a better understanding of the devices you are working with every day?

Let’s be more specific. Do you know how it is possible that you can transfer money by just clicking a few buttons? Or how it is possible that you can share your picture with the rest of the world with just some clicks? If you learn programming, you will start understanding how all this magic can happen, and eventually, you will be able to create this kind of magic as well.

4. To automatize your daily tasks

Are you tired of doing repetitive tasks? Do you hate already doing the same computations every day because you could not find a proper application that does the job for you? Well, if you learn programming, you will be able to create your own (small) programs/applications to ease your daily tasks. No one better than you will know what you need, and if you can find a solution for it… great!

5. To become more methodic

Have you ever met someone that knows exactly how you feel and what you really need and want independently of what you say? Well, computers are not like that (yet). With computers, we need to be very explicit on what we need them to do: we have to specify clear instructions and we need to perfectly define the corresponding statements for them. A simple comma missing can result in a not working program… So trust me, after you learn programming, you will pay more attention to the details and you will become more precise and methodic.

6. To improve your problem-solving and abstraction skills

And finally, I would like to stress one of the biggest benefits of learning programming (in my opinion). When you learn programming, it is not only about the knowledge you acquire, but also (and specially) about the useful transferable skills you get. And the fact is that, in addition to becoming more precise and methodic, when you learn programming, you significantly improve your problem solving and abstraction skills. And these skills are very important for many tasks of our personal and professional daily life.

Will you join us to learn programming?

by Eduardo Rivera


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