Eduardo Rivera

Eduardo Rivera
PhD Computer Science, Universidad de Málaga
Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Universidad de Málaga
Master’s degree in Psychological Interventions with DBM, University of Valencia

Originally from Marbella, where this University Centre has been established, Eduardo Rivera is a software engineer specialized in modeling.

He started doing research about Model Driven Engineering at the University of Málaga, where he got his PhD and a wide experience dealing with different kind of modeling languages and tools in different scopes. He has contributed to the field of formal and modeling languages collaborating with different universities in journal and conference papers, invited talks and research projects. He has also worked for these fields at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (as a visitor).

Then, he specialized in Business Process Modeling, working for two companies (in Spain and Panama) analyzing, designing and implementing business process models for the TV industry and the banking sector. In these companies, he had the opportunity to be involved in web development and be the responsible of the BPM training too.

His passion has always been teaching, and that’s where all his studies in Life Coaching and Developmental Behavioral Modeling come from: to enrich the experience of teaching and learning and get the best from his students.