This is the fourth edition of the MGIMO-MIUC Winter School hosted by MIUC

From the 28th to the 31st of January 2020, MIUC hosted a delegation of students from our partner university Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO).

Accompanied by our colleague from MGIMO Elena Anatoljevna Chuprygina, it launched the 4th edition of our MIUC Winter School in Spain. The event highlights the enduring academic partnership between both institutions, which has led to a mutually beneficial exchange program for both undergraduate and graduate students.

The opening speech from our Dean Dr Beata Fröhlich, LLM kicked-off the MGIMO-MIUC Winter School and MIUC congratulated its partner university MGIMO on celebrating its 75th-anniversary last year. MGIMO-MIUC Winter School and the academic partnership between both institutions reflect a commitment to inclusion and the demand for more international education. Dr Fröhlich believes that university education should give students wings and inspire them to dream more, learn more, do more and to become more.


MIUC’s very own lecturer Dr Lorenzo Cello stated that MIUC was extremely proud to be able to host this event which included four days of lectures, talks and social activities. A great opportunity for MGIMO-MIUC Winter School 2020 participants to experience Spanish culture and learn from some of the engaged, dynamic and supportive MIUC lecturers who were there to educate, motivate and mentor them. MGIMO students actively participated in the lectures and interacted with the faculty staff. The success of the Winter School is reflected in the number of returning participants.

MGIMO-MIUC Winter School participants had the chance to hear from Rosario Merida, MIUC’s Spanish language and culture teacher, who gave an overview on the process of the Spanish transition to democracy, from the dictatorship of Francisco Franco to our present days.


It was then the turn of Dr Catalina Arguello who shared a sophisticated lecture on the concept of moral basis. Drawing from her current research in the field of political psychology, she analysed the relationship between different perceptions of the world and the political beliefs of individuals.

The third lecture was delivered by Professor Murilo Branco, considering a historical perspective of the different stages of the industrial revolution and their impact on the way business is executed.

Finally, MGIMO students heard from Dr Idir Ouahes, who examined the historical development of international relations between Spain and Latin American countries which brought the academic part of the fourth edition of MGIMO-MIUC Winter School, 2020 to an end.


MGIMO students were joined by MIUC students in a cultural networking event in the Marbella old town that was organized by MIUC life coach Ana Cantle and lecturer Rosario Merida.

MIUC was pleased to host MGIMO students at MIUC where they gained an abundance of knowledge and enjoyed much fun.

We hope to see you next year in one of our joint MGIMO-MIUC programmes!