Sport Analytics and the magic goal of Roberto Carlos

3rd june 1997

Roberto Carlos shoot the ball in a way that left all the watchers surprised, he won the match, but he created a lot of new questions. Did he break the law of the physics? Did he train to do it? Could he do it again?…

After all those questions, people started to search for information, read scientific documentation, ask academics, researchers, go to conferences, try experiments and start to appear some unknown theorems trying to understand what happened, to know the limits of this new effect.

Naïve explanations of Magnus became as we call it today a trending topic, contradictions with the Bernoulli Theorem, Navier-Stokes exception, new conjectures appear.

Population start to know the difference between a conjecture and a theorem and more new questions appear. How much time will be valid a conjecture? What happened when a theorem fails?

The time has passed, and a new magic goal has happened in other fields of the football, maybe more hidden from the cameras but still with a new knowledge with their new words: algorithms, machine learning, database, analysis…

How could this innovative system effect management in the decision making to do a real difference in the industry?

Further effort in the analysis now a days force to do more analysis than before due to the bet and gaming industry based on sports.

The answer from math may be anti-intuitive but we have learnt that whoever has information plays with advantage.