Open Day Workshop: Upcoming Exams, the Natural Fears, the Vertigo

Open Day Workshop - Upcoming Exams, the Natural Fears, the Vertigo

Prof. Javier López-Ibor takes you through a number of fascinating topics of 21st century research in this specially designed workshop as part of our Open Days sessions

Saturday, April 18 2015
MIUC Campus
Avenida Don Jaime de Mora y Aragón, s/n Finca El Pinillo
29601 Marbella

Start: 12:00 – 14:00

All workshops are held in English and free of charge. Please sign up to confirm your attendance:

Upcoming exams, the natural fears, the vertigo
Prof. Javier López-Ibor

In this workshop we will provide you with an overview of numerous fascinating topics and answers of 21st century research. What are the abilities related to knowledge? Can I upgrade my retention system? What is focused attention? How to control it? Why my memory comes in white? Where are my limits? Do I have limits yet?

Javier López-Ibor is MIUCs “shrink” and coaching professor. He is a top clinical psychologist, neuropsychologist and forensic psychologist trained in Madrid, Paris & Chicago. Javier is also President of the European Society for the Advance of the Neuroscience (ESAN) and Director of the Forensic Neuroscience Division; Member of the Board Committee of World Association for the History of Psychiatry (WAHP); Member of the Organising Committee of Neuro IMC – Neurointerventional Master Course, and member of the Organising Committee of the Chicago Addiction Research & Therapy Congress and Alzheimer Disease & Dementia Congress.