MIUC hosts international children’s art exhibition

International exhibition of children’s art dedicated to the 19th century painter Ilya Repin “Wandering in art with children” was held at MIUC in January 2021.

Children from 15 countries took part in the exhibition: Russia, Great Britain, Moldova, Spain, Israel, Republic of Belarus, Republic of Cyprus, Croatia, Armenia, Romania, Serbia, USA, Germany, Austria, and Republic of Kazakhstan.

The exhibition also will be held in Finland (where the artist lived for a long time) and will end in Belarus at the I.E. Repin “Zdravnevo” Vitebsk Regional History Museum.

The concept of the International Exhibition-Competition of Children’s Drawings was created on the basis of international cooperation in the field of art education.

The search for young talents with creatively developed thinking and original worldview who are capable of capturing the connections between unusual concepts and phenomena – this is what is necessary for modern society.

In the pictorial culture, Ilya Repin is considered one of the main masters of the 19th century, a key figure in Russian realism. The painter’s legacy is enormous. Employees of the Repin Estate “The Penates” have calculated that during his creative life, Repin painted over a thousand pictorial portraits and more than five hundred paintings. The amount of graphic drawings is so large that it cannot be counted.

Each generation looks at artistic creations and reads their meanings. Contemporaries had one view in regard to Repin’s paintings, in Soviet times they were interpreted differently, and nowadays there is a third perspective. Each generation discovers something close and in tune with his art. This is the depth and ambiguity of Repin’s paintings.

The organisers of the Exhibition are the Union of Organisations of Russian Compatriots in Spain and Andorra, and the Vitebsk Regional Museum.