Marbella Town Hall News Report on MIUC Scholarships

Marbella Town Hall News Report on MIUC Scholarships

Marbella Town Hall opens the Marbella International University Centre scholarship application process. The scholarships have been extended to seven this year.

Mayor of Marbella Dr. José Bernal and the Chairwoman for Culture and Education, Gema Midón together with the Dean of Marbella International University Centre Dr. Óscar Martínez have introduced the scholarships and have explained that the number of scholarships has been extended to seven this year instead of five, which was the number of scholarships awarded last year. The report from the news conference has been published on the official web site of the Marbella Town Hall and we hereby reprint the translation of the report in its entirety. The original report in Spanish can be seen here.

Additionally, one of the requirements to obtain these scholarships is to be younger than 24 prior to the beginning of the course, however, another novelty is that two of the seven scholarships may be awarded to applicants who overpass this age limit.

The mayor has stressed that this event is “closely linked to a new policy that reinforces that all public bodies in the education and culture sectors make their services and facilities available to the citizens”.

For this reason, Bernal has announced that “today we have begun with this Centre and we will soon do the same with others inside and outside of the city”, adding that they are “planning seminars and master classes in the municipality” with Málaga and Carlos III Universities.

The Councilor for Culture and Education stated that “these scholarships are for people who do not have the financial resources but do have talent and an outstanding academic history” she also added that the extension of scholarships as well as the age limit to apply for them “are both a success in terms of the meetings that have taken place between the Town Hall and the Centre, as we have received complete collaboration from their side agreeing to all of our requests”.
She went further into detail explaining that “The Centre offered five scholarships last year, two of which were not awarded, so we asked them to add those two extra scholarships this year, their response was absolutely positive”.
Midón specified that the requirements to be eligible for these scholarships are to be registered as a Marbella resident for a minimum of two years prior to the scholarship application period; to have completed Baccalaureate or equivalent, a higher level education cycle or to have passed the UNED exam; to pass MIUCs standard English proficiency exam and to have obtained a minimum average grade of 7,5.

The basis will be published on the Town Hall’s website as well as on the Culture Delegation social media channels “to reach the maximum number of people” and the application period has been extended until the 24th of July. “The Committee (two MIUC representatives, two Town Hall representatives and an Education Community representative) will be in charge of awarding the scholarships in a completely transparent procedure”.
The Marbella International University Centre Dean, Óscar Martínez stated that “we are open to continue increasing the number of scholarships in the future” and has stressed that the scholarship includes tuition fees, enrolment, an iPad and full access to the facilities”.
Finally, he mentioned that the degrees taught at MIUC are Media and Journalism, Marketing and Advertising: Communications and PR, International Relations and International Business.