Marbella Mayor Leads MIUC’s Inauguration Ceremony

Marbella Mayor Leads MIUC's Inauguration Ceremony

The Mayor of Marbella, Maria Angeles Muñoz opened our Inauguration Ceremony on the campus in the presence of international and local press.

“Education is a fundamental pillar of every society”, Ms Muñoz said in her opening speech, stressing Marbella’s ideal conditions for an education centre such as MIUC. “Marbella has seven of the top thirteen best international highschools. The opening of MIUC is important for our city in order to further develop the educational, cultural and entrepreneurial prospects in the Costa del Sol region and establish Marbella as an international education hub.”

Sharing ideas and knowledge was the subject of Dr Oscar Martinez Tapia’s speech at the ceremony. The Dean of MIUC once again underlined the university’s motto: ‘Education tailored for the future’ and insisted that “we have entered an age of unprecedented transformations with the recognition of diversity becoming an essential value in forging a successful and fulfilling career.”

Maximiliam Blauenstein, the representative of the investor group GENINT, celebrated the campus spirit and hailed the international and local students as MIUC’s greatest asset.

Among the speakers were Malcolm Smith, Director of the MIUC Executive Education programme, Irene Pivetti, former President of the Italian Parliament and President of Mediterranean Chinese Association Only Italia, Javier Arribas, Vice President of the Association of European Journalists and Foreign Affairs advisor of the Spanish Ministry, and Mirjana Stefanovic on behalf the Faculty of Media and Communications of Singidunum University, Belgrade.

The inauguration ceremony was attended by the members of the international press including El Globo (Brazil), Corriere della Sera, Eurodonna (Italy), The Hollywood Reporter (US), RT (Russia), Remin Rimbao (China), The National Student (UK), Notimex, Grupo Milenio, El Universal (Mexico), Mia (Colombia), Altaya (Morocco) and Sydkusten (Sweden).

Local media such as Diario Sur, La Opinion de Malaga, RTV Marbella, 20 Minutos España, Andalucía Golf Magazine, M95 and La Tribuna de Marbella also attended the grand opening.