Marbella International University Centre Commencement Ceremony 2019

Marbella International University Centre Commencement Ceremony 2019
“Gaudeamus igitur,
Juvenes dum sumus”

These were the words that rang out from MIUC’s campus grounds on the 27th of June, just a couple of days ago. As the voices of our students and faculty lifted up into the warm Marbella sunshine, we were reminded of the meaning of these beautiful lyrics.

MIUC-Graduation-Ceremony-2019-Dean-BeataThis hymn is traditionally sung at academic graduation ceremonies, and the first two lines of the song mean “so let us rejoice, while we are still young”. No matter the age of each voice singing the hymn, everyone at MIUC on the day felt light and youthful, rejoicing in the vibrant town of Marbella, and the spectacular achievements of our students, who had worked so hard to get to this point in their academic careers.

We would like to extend huge congratulations to our 2019 MIUC graduates; it has been an absolute privilege to guide you through this journey. We are all so proud of everything you have achieved; each of our graduates has moved from strength to strength over the years, and our professors can attest to the fact that you have even helped them grow in many ways.

To the families and parents of our graduates; you too deserve heartfelt congratulations. This day represents the results of the effort and sacrifice you have undergone over the years, and we know that our students would never have been able to do it without you. We share with you our pride in our graduating students, and more importantly, their gratitude for everything you have done to help them reach this joyful step in their lives.

Following a welcome from our Dean, Dr. Beata Froehlich, the audience was addressed by a couple of amazing keynote speakers, such as D. Cristóbal Garre Murcia, the Town Hall Councilor for Economic Development and SMEs, Employment, Innovation, and New Technologies; Professor Peter John, the Vice-Chancellor of the University of West London; and Claude Littner, also from UWL, and the namesake of MIUC’s Bachelor in Sport Management.

MIUC Graduation 2019

MIUC would like to thank all of our special guests and keynote speakers, who contributed to a wonderful graduation day at MIUC.

After the keynote speeches came to an end, the host of the graduation ceremony, Ana Cantle, MIUC’s dedicated Life Coach, proceeded to announce the commencement of the moment all our graduates had been waiting for:

“We now turn to the conferral of MIUC’s Master and Bachelor Degrees,” said Ana. “The degrees will be conferred upon the candidates by Dr. Beata Froehlich, Dean; Dr. Ming-Jin Jiang, Course Leader of International Business and Marketing and Advertising; and Chief Academic Officer Mirjana Stefanovic.”

MIUC Graduation 2019

The graduates made their way up to the stage, each of them beaming with pride and excitement. Applause thundered through the audience as the graduates went up to receive their qualifications one-by-one; their family, professors and classmates cheering them on.

This is the camaraderie that represents MIUC; we want to instil in our students and alumni a sense of community and belonging. Graduates; remember that you will always have a home here at MIUC.

MIUC Graduation Ceremony 2019

On behalf of the whole MIUC community, we would like to wish you all the best in your future endeavours; we have no doubt that you will continue to exceed our expectations, as well as your own. You are the leaders of tomorrow. Only you can change the world. In the words of our beloved Dean, Dr. Beata Froehlich:

“You are a gift to the world, so go out there and make the world a little more like MIUC: more ambitious, more respectful, more generous and kinder. Find your passion. Shape the future. Drive society onto the high road, and you will continue to make your family, including your MIUC family, proud.”