Meet our new receptionist and Student Liaison Team Member – Kelly Knudsen, MA

We are very pleased to introduce Kelly Knudsen as our new receptionist and Student Liaison member. You will find her at the reception desk as well as helping Ana Cantle on the first floor from Monday, the 23rd of October 2023.

We are very excited to have her onboard.


Here are some facts about Kelly:

- From: Kansas, USA
- Years in Spain: 13
- Studies: BA in Spanish, MA in Spanish Literature

She has worked as a lecturer of Spanish at three different universities in Kansas and has also taught English with the Ministry of Education while living in Madrid. During the pandemic, she was living in the United States with her family, and as soon as the borders opened, she moved back to Spain with her family.

Please feel free to stop by the reception and say hello to her, and make yourself known!

**Top 3:**
Likes: Office supplies, Spanish grammar, parks with cafés
Loves: Coffee, Rummikub, true crime podcasts
Pet peeves: Cow print, tangled cords, sand