It’s a new year, here’s what to expect

It's a new year, here's what to expect
On Friday, MIUC welcomed the class of 2022: the largest class to enrol since our founding. The Opening Convocation Ceremony was met with positive spirits and enthusiasm as our diverse intake of international students started to create friendships that could last a lifetime.

On behalf of MIUC, we welcome all of you. This is a special and formative time in your lives, and we are committed to providing you with the tuition, tools and environment to succeed in your career and life path.

Our professors are empowered to provide personal mentorship and motivation to every student in their class. We believe this family-centric approach to the classroom creates positive learning outcomes to help you achieve even more.

If you need help (in or outside of the classroom) or have any questions, the MIUC faculty is always available to assist and make your stay as comfortable, fun and prosperous as is possible. Whether it’s scheduling, accommodation or counselling – we are your extended family on Marbella, and we are here to help.

You will find that our classroom facilities and tools are designed to meet the needs of modern learners. You will have everything you need to learn how to succeed in an increasingly digital and connected world. As a faculty, we are always looking at what the drivers of industry are today and anticipating where fields are heading.

In short, the students of MIUC are better equipped than most to achieve everything they wish with their studies.

But MIUC isn’t only about what happens in the classroom; it is also about living a better life.


Learning and living

All of the faculty and students are well aware of how lucky they are to be teaching and learning in Marbella. For many around the world, Marbella is a destination that one would be lucky to visit for a week. For us, it is home.

Marbella’s beautiful, sunny weather, beaches and mountains combine to create a natural environment that very few universities can match. Your years at MIUC will not just be marked by the knowledge you gain, but also by the experiences you have.

Marbella is a dream for outdoor enthusiasts and those who enjoy sports. MIUC has a tennis court, a swimming pool, volleyball, football and much more. Water sports, hiking, cycling, a wide selection of gyms – Marbella has everything you need to develop a healthy body to go with your healthy mind.

The same can be said for nightlife and cultural activities; MIUC students never lack for options. There are many restaurants and clubs for great food and dancing the night away. There are markets, museums, historical artefacts and the Old Town for more of a laid-back exploration.

One thing is for certain, MIUC students have every opportunity to create lasting memories and friendships.

It's a new year, here's what to expect exterior

Looking ahead

There is knowledge to gain and studying to be done. There are friendships to make and challenges to take on. And there will be experiences that will shape the rest of your life.

MIUC offers exciting opportunities for study, research and internships. We also have alumni who have gone on to successful careers around the world, but who will always remain part of the MIUC family.

The MIUC 2022 class is truly diverse in every possible way. 95% of students are international, and we couldn’t be more proud of this fact. Speaking for the faculty, we are privileged to have the opportunity to help you on your journey in life.

No matter where you come from, you are a part of the community, and we encourage you to be engaged and active. We will be learning a lot together this year; having fun every step of the way and collaborating on what you want to achieve with your time at MIUC.

And so, the journey begins!

Apply for February Intake

A final note for readers who feel like they missed their opportunity to join MIUC – there are still a few spots available for February admissions. If you’d like to join us, you can apply here.

We hope to see you soon.