Inspiring Creativity: MIUC and @children_art_marbella Empowering Local Children Through Art

Showcasing Talent:

One of the most exciting aspects of this collaboration is the opportunity for these young artists to showcase their creations. Every few months, MIUC proudly displays a selection of their artwork and paintings in its halls. This not only boosts the children's confidence but also allows the university community to appreciate their incredible talent firsthand.

In a heartwarming collaboration that has spanned three years, Marbella International University Centre (MIUC) and artist Oksana Perevoznyk Filatova (@children_art_marbella) have joined forces to foster the artistic development of local children.
This unique partnership not only nurtures young talent but also showcases their incredible artwork, which adorns the halls of the university for students and staff to admire.

Supporting Young Artists:

MIUC and @children_art_marbella have made it their mission to provide children in the community with a platform to express themselves through art. By offering workshops, classes, and individual mentoring, they help unleash the creative potential of these budding artists.


A Creative Journey:

Over the years, this partnership has witnessed countless young minds flourish under the guidance of Oksana Perevoznyk Filatova. Through her expertise and passion for art, she has inspired children to explore various mediums, experiment with techniques, and discover their own unique artistic voices.


Building a Supportive Community:

The impact of this partnership extends beyond simply teaching art skills. It fosters a sense of belonging and community among the children involved. Through shared experiences and collaborative projects, they form meaningful connections with fellow young artists who share their passion.


Spreading Inspiration:

The success of MIUC and @children_art_marbella's collaboration goes beyond the university walls. As news spreads about this empowering initiative, it inspires other institutions, organizations, and individuals to support and promote art education for children in their communities. The partnership between MIUC and @children_art_marbella is a shining example of how the power of art can transform lives. By nurturing young talents, offering a platform for expression, and showcasing their artwork, this collaboration inspires creativity, fosters community, and leaves an indelible impact on the lives of these budding artists.

Oksana can be found via her instagram page @children_art_marbella or via her mob: 666098035

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to your university for the opportunity to hold my first personal art exhibition within your walls. It was a splendid and meaningful experience for me, and I deeply appreciate the support and involvement of your academic and cultural community in this event.

Your university provided me with a unique chance to share my creative works with a wide audience, and I take pride in the fact that my paintings could become a part of your artistic atmosphere. It was an unforgettable moment in my life, and I hope my works sparked interest and inspiration in all exhibition visitors.

Thank you once again for this incredible experience, which I will surely remember for years to come. I look forward to future collaborations and the opportunity to contribute to the development of art within your university.

Sofia Mukhina