Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2023

Graduation 2023 Miuc group

Miuc graduation 20223

On the 27th of June, Marbella International University Centre held a Graduation Ceremony for the Class of 2023. It was great to have our graduates and their families gathered together, as well as all members of our university community here on this memorable day, for this remarkable occasion.

We rightly congratulate our students, celebrating all their achievements, as we share in their joy as they cross that long-awaited line, passing from graduands to graduates. It is a proud moment for them, the faculty and the staff who have supported them over the years - no one makes it to graduation alone!

Graduation 2023 Miuc group

And to the parents and families — congratulations to you as well! For you, Graduation Day is the joyful result of years of serious effort and sacrifice. We share your pride in the accomplishments of our graduating students and your joy at the prospects that lie ahead. At the same time, we share the gratitude and admiration that we know our graduating students feel toward all of you.

The ceremony took place at 19:00 on campus, on MIUC´s verdant grounds. The ceremony began as all rose to the rousing tones of Gaudeamus igitur, sung by our student Seng Nu Aung. Vice-Chancellor and President from UWL, Professor Peter John CBE  introduced the welcome speech, inspiring graduates to make a positive impact on our world.

This was followed by Mari Carmen Díaz’s discourse, which reminded us of the strong ties uniting the city of Marbella and MIUC.

The countdown to obtain their Postgraduate or Undergraduate degrees is finished.
The graduates made their way up to the stage, to receive well-deserved qualifications.

The Graduates’ Vote of Thanks was presented by Aidan Paul Vuren and Sofia Isabelle Juarez.

Our Dean, Dr. Beata Froehlich, concluded the ceremony by pronouncing the Charge to the class of 2023.

We, once again, congratulate the 2022 class on the beginning of a new chapter in their lives! Be great!

Graduation 2023 Miuc group

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