Enhancement Week at MIUC

The purpose of the enhancement weeks is to provide career-focused activities to develop students’ employability skills. Activities will provide an opportunity for students to collaborate beyond their usual course or year groups.


Week before Exams (Jan 8-11th) - Week 13

This week is all about preparing for your exams and improving your academic skills. Professors and guest speakers will conduct workshops and seminars to help you with exam preparation. It's a time to enhance your study habits and get ready for assessments.  Topics will include planning assessments, reflective and critical writing, using Microsoft tools effectively, amongst others. Additionally, there will be a focus on movement and connection to nature to help reduce stress.


Career Development (Jan 29th - Feb 1st): - Week 16

After your exams, this week is dedicated to preparing you for your future career and developing employability skills. Companies and businesses will be invited to provide workshops and seminars focused on helping you identify and develop your career goals further. It's also a fantastic opportunity to explore internships or network.


Note: Mandatory Attendance

While we understand the desire to spend more time with family and friends after the holidays, these enhancement weeks are mandatory for all students. Your participation will greatly contribute to your academic and professional growth.