Education Agents Testimonials

Education Agents Testimonials


Alla Golovneva

Russia-Alla Golovneva

You have done a fantastic job. From all our team Me Abroad we would like to thank you and your colleagues for organizing this trip and for making us feeling as a part of family. We really appreciated it!


Stella Chika

This is by far the most organized FAM Tour we have ever been.

Felix Adedayo

We had such a great experience and we enjoyed the young spirit that is projected in your campus. We love this city and we will transmit all what we have experienced to our students and their parents.


We guarantee our commitment to promote your university and send you the right type of students.

Nigeria-Stella Chika-Felix Adedayo-Gideon


Valentyna Nechyporuk

Ukraine-Valentyna Nechyporuk

We have had a broader insight into your university, staff and facilities. You have a great team of young professionals.


Sara Oueld El Hachemi

Morocco-Sara Oueld El Ha

I would like to thank you for your warm welcome in Marbella. It was great knowing and meeting you all. Hope we will make a great business in the near future. Everything was PERFECT in Marbella, I really enjoyed, and I thank you for it.

Education Agents at Marbella International University Centre