Costa Del Sol Students Attend MIUC Open Day Workshop in Business

Costa Del Sol Students Attend MIUC Open Day Workshop in Business

Professor Christophe de Landtsheer presented prospective students with an overview of Business, focused on Leadership, Strategy and Management.

The 2-hour workshop on May 9th examined the various forms and styles of Leadership, and how they can influence business outcomes. Moreover, the workshop explored the concepts of Mission, Vision, Strategy and Execution in business decision-making processes. Prospective students were taught the basics of efficiently and effectively operating human, financial and technological resources to accomplish business goals and objectives.

Part of the workshop was devoted to analysing the emotional engagement that turns products and services into brands in the eyes of the consumers. The differences between ‘use’ and ‘emotional value’ were put forth as a means of inscribing social and cultural meanings into a product.

Following the workshop, prospective students toured the MIUC facilities – including multimedia classrooms, the library and media lab. Information points were open for the duration of the entire event – 10:00 to 16:00 –  with Professors and staff ready to answer any of the students’ questions and inquiries.

*Next MIUC Open Days workshop: “Politics can be fun! by MIUC Dean Oscar Martinez Tapia runs on Saturday, May 16, 2015. Open to all final year high school students. Sign up and attend for free.