Transforming Student Success through the Power of Customer Experience

Our own Ana Cantle has been a frequent participant in CIT Marbella's events. She is constantly finding ways to improve and expand how MIUC can better the student experience. For those of you who are interested in what we are doing behind the scenes please read below about CIT's latest event.



The Association of Entrepreneurs and Professionals, CIT Marbella, in collaboration with Windup, a digital marketing agency and marketing school; Digital Winds, an SEO and digital marketing agency; and the Commerce Department of the Marbella City Council, organized the workshop "Transforming Business Success through the Power of Customer Experience", at the Marbella Congress Center.



In a dynamic talk with audience interaction, Windup discussed "The Power of Customer Experience in the Digital Age," providing tips for creating exceptional customer experiences with real success stories. They delved into digital strategies to maximize performance, including online reputation management, handling customer requests and complaints, and creating relevant and engaging content to connect with customers or retain existing ones.

Digital Winds complemented the workshop with the talk "Building an Effective Paid Media Strategy," focusing on the fundamentals of paid advertising and how to develop effective Paid Media strategies to promote products and services. They discussed audience segmentation, choosing the right advertising platforms, results measurement, and campaign optimization during this session.