BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising (Extended Degree)

BA Marketing & Advertising: Communications & PR

Learn how to implement creative advertising strategies and apply marketing techniques at the strategic and operational level.

Duration: 4 years
Language: English
Degree awarded: BA (Hons) Marketing and Advertising (Extended Degree)

UK credits: 480

Marketing and advertising are critical management activities in most organisations and are becoming even more important with the sharpening of competition at all levels; local, national and international. Here at MIUC, our students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of the importance of marketing and advertising in meeting overall business objectives, and an appreciation for the integral role these play in society.

This contemporary degree introduces topics such as consumer behaviour, brand development, the advertising process, digital and global marketing, new product development, and entrepreneurship, enabling you to operate, explore, and positively contribute to the marketing and advertising industries.

We provide our students with the theoretical and practical tools to develop their critical and creative thinking skills and thrive within a globalised economy.

  • Strategic Marketing and Analytics: Develop the art and science of strategic decision-making by learning how to scan the environment for the best possible options, learning the techniques needed to improve strategic decisions in the face of complexity, uncertainty and conflicting objectives.
  • Market Research Methods: Use market research to guide marketing decisions, and develop skills in gathering and analysing information.
  • Consumer Behaviour: Learn the main concepts of consumer behaviour and decision-making, including psychological theories such as buying patterns and motivations.
  • Product and Brand Management: Gain insight into new product development techniques and branding, developing a clear understanding of the importance of creating powerful brands, learning how consumers choose them and how they can satisfy social and psychological needs.
  • Advertising and PR Strategies: Sharpen your perspective on campaign objectives and goals; not only from the perspective of a planner and but also from that of a critical consumer receiving campaign information.
  • Marketing Management: Understand key marketing concepts and their applications in market research, segmentation, selecting target markets, product development, pricing, promotion and distribution.
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing: Develop an in-depth understanding of the theory, concepts and tools used to market new products and services and competitively analyse strategies and alternatives to enter new markets.
  • Leadership: Develop a clear understanding of what it takes to effectively lead business teams to achieve pre-determined goals and successfully execute strategies.
  • Project Management: Learn the practice of good project management, identifying and scheduling project resources, and producing critical path planning and evaluation reports.

With our BA in Marketing and Advertising, you will have many different and exciting career opportunities.

Become who you want…

Focus your subject choices within the programme to suit your career aspirations. Your employability is also enhanced through internships and the Capstone Project.

  • Marketing strategist
  • Advertising, promotions and marketing manager
  • Brand manager
  • Market research analyst
  • Advertising sales representative
  • Meeting, convention and event planner

Rolling Admission - We receive and process applications on an ongoing basis as they are sent in.

Entry Requirements:

  • High School Certificate All candidates with a completed high school education are eligible to apply. Students who have studied part of a degree at a different University or accredited higher education institution can apply for a credit transfer.
  • Proof of English Proficiency* of candidates who have not previously studied in an English speaking school or country.The tests and minimum scores we accept are:
    - IELTS - 6
    - TOEFL iBT - 72
    - Cambridge Certificate - B2
    - MIUC English Test - Pass

Application Supporting Documents:

You will need to provide the following documents with your application:

  • Copy of Passport or ID
  • Passport sized digital photograph
  • Proof of English Proficiency (If you are not from an English speaking country or have not previously studied in English)
  • High School Certificate (Officially translated to English or Spanish)
  • High School Grade Transcripts (Officially translated to English or Spanish)
  • Statement of Purpose (500 words on why you want to study at MIUC, your expectations and aspirations)

Tuition Fees

Tuition fee includes the following:
Fall Semester: Spring Semester: Yearly Fee:
Course registrations
Study fees and course materials
Access to NEOLMS Learning
Full access to the Library
Visa and immigration advice and support
24/7 daily student support
Total ammount: 9.450,00 € 9.450,00 € 18.900,00 €
In total: 18.900,00 €


All students are required to register for the courses in the first week of the semester.
Simply not attending classes later during the semester does not release you from the financial or academic obligation for courses in which you have previously enrolled. If you wish to drop one or more of your courses, you must officially drop the course(s) by de-registering at the Student Services.


Fees & Terms

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