5 Relevant Changes Expected for the Next Decade

Say you were to do a futurology exercise, what technologies do you think would change the world entirely by 2030?

Answering this question is no simple task. Many experts have attempted to make predictions of this kind, but few get it right. However, simply by observing the current practices of universities, laboratories and large companies, we can get a glimpse of what the world may look like at the end of the next decade. In this article, we discuss 5 technologies hailed as some of the most promising at the World Economic Forum .:

1. Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence tools is becoming increasingly prominent in many areas. Reliability in the decision-making of the machines has evolved to the point where machines may potentially have a “vote” on the boards of large companies in the near future. The input given by these systems is set to be increasingly relevant in decision-making, as the assertiveness tends to be greater.

2. Electric cars

If you’re up to speed with the fast-paced evolution of technology, get ready to see cars advance at r a similar rate – at least when it comes to battery-powered electric cars. In 2009, the electric car had sufficient autonomy for their pretensions, which were limited to only 160 km. However, in 2019, electric cars reach more than 600 km autonomy and this is only set to increase over the decade. Just over the next year, another dozen 100% electric cars will reach the world market in a variety of sizes and shapes, though always with zero pollution. Tesla is working with pannel solars to support the recharge of batteries and this would be just the disruption needed to completely change the automobile industry.

3. Self-driven cars

Testing for self-drive cars in the United States is in an advanced stage, though demand is no greater due to legislation, which still does not allow traffic in many circumstances. However, it’s only a matter of time before this is resolved. By 2026, it is estimated that 10% of the US fleet will comprise autonomous vehicles, which should result in greater safety and less emission of pollutants.

4. 3D printed body organs

The medical sector is one of the most attractive major manufacturers at the moment. There has been extensive evelopment in this area in recent years and there are no signs that the breath is in the end. By 2024, organ creation using special 3D printers is set to become a reality. Impressions of bones and even a liver are expected to be printable within the next six years.

5. Cancer cure

Modest predictions are that cancer will go from being fatal to a manageable chronic disease with treatable symptoms, which the patient would be able to live with for many years, without the condition worsening. More or less, as is the case today with diabetes and hypertension. In addition, in ten years’ time, treatments will have fewer side effects, greater control over pain, less invasive diagnostic tests, and more effective prevention methods.

All 5 factors mentioned above are set to bring about radical change to society, impacting many businesses and bringing down industries that are not prepared for this kind of revolution. This would in turn create new opportunities for other businesses to arise. At MIUC, we discuss all of the latest trends and the importance of controlling or minimizing the impact of technological change, when managing international and domestic business.

Murilo Branco