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MIUC Internships

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MIUC understands the importance of internships, and has an active network of companies and institutions who quickly engage our talented students in a variety of sectors.

What are the advantages of an Internship to our MIUC students?

Real World Experience

Gain real-world experience

Real-world experiences and skills garnered through internships sought by all employers, will give you the edge in comparison to the others competing for the same jobs as you.

Personalized Support

Mentoring during internship

Each internee is mentored by both an MIUC faculty member and a staff member at the institution in question throughout the entire internship.

Practice Knowledge

Put your knowledge
into practice

Internships are a great forum for applying and practicing the knowledge garnered in the class room from your professors.

Choose your path

Internships help you decide your path

One of the many great advantages that internships can offer you is that it enables you to try on many different careers during your time as a student.

Ibrahim Abu El Khouded / Lebanon

What do employers look for?

When asked what they are looking for in a recent university graduate, employers invariably respond with the information that they are seeking an individual with critical thinking skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to work in a team, and, most importantly, real-world experience in their chosen field. The latter skill set cannot be obtained in the classroom alone - hands-on experience is a must!

Internships can make all the difference when applying for your first job after graduation.


Career Centre offers students the opportunity to broaden and consolidate their professional skills that will be necessary for their future career paths once they finalize their studies and go into the workforce. The process begins during Year 1 & 2, where students will have the chance to participate in our Career Development Training Program to prepare for their internship experience later on in Years 3 or 4, as well as Master students.

The Career Development Training Program consists of 3 mandatory workshops; CV creation, Cover Letter and Job Interview Preparation. This will be complemented with the attendance to at least 3 soft skills workshops and 3 Guest lectures of their choice. Once the Program is completed, students will receive a Certificate that will not only add value to their CV's, but also guarantee them with the sufficient preparatory knowledge and skills to face their integration in the workplace when carrying out their internships and/or future work opportunities.

Internships mostly require some knowledge of Spanish, so we encourage our students to take this into account once they arrive to Spain and to immerse themselves not only into the Spanish culture and people, but also to attend language lessons in order to prepare for their future internship experience as they will have broader options to choose from.

Internship opportunities will then be available for students in Years 3, 4 and Masters. Students interested in having an internship will have to fill in an application form that they can find on NEO platform under the Internship Program. The next step is to book an appointment with our Career Coach, Ana Cantle, by using this link:  https://internships.as.me/ . A coaching session will help to set career goals and find the appropriate internship opportunity taking into account personal needs.

Some of the requirements are that students must have completed 50% of their credits to be able to apply for internships. The duration of internships go from a minimum of 2 months to a maximum of 6 months during the course of the studies at MIUC. Internships must be directly related to their studies course, with the clear objective to give the student practical experience enhanced with their foundational theoretical knowledge.

Why Study at Marbella International University Centre

Why Study at MIUC?

Combination of advanced teaching methods and cutting-edge technology in class

MIUC Professors


World-class Faculty comprised of renowned academics and industry experts

We design individualised internships depending on the personal needs and requests of our students.

For more information on the Internship Programme please get in touch with us via email internships@miuc.org or call us at +34 952 860 000.



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