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MIUC Internships

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MIUC understands the importance of internships, and has an active network of companies and institutions who quickly engage our talented students in a variety of sectors.

What are the advantages of an Internship to our MIUC students?

Real World Experience

Gain real-world experience

Real-world experiences and skills garnered through internships sought by all employers, will give you the edge in comparison to the others competing for the same jobs as you.

Personalized Support

Mentoring during internship

Each internee is mentored by both an MIUC faculty member and a staff member at the institution in question throughout the entire internship.

Practice Knowledge

Put your knowledge
into practice

Internships are a great forum for applying and practicing the knowledge garnered in the class room from your professors.

Choose your path

Internships help you decide your path

One of the many great advantages that internships can offer you is that it enables you to try on many different careers during your time as a student.

Ibrahim Abu El Khouded / Lebanon

What do employers look for?

When asked what they are looking for in a recent university graduate, employers invariably respond with the information that they are seeking an individual with critical thinking skills, excellent written and oral communication skills, the ability to work in a team, and, most importantly, real-world experience in their chosen field. The latter skill set cannot be obtained in the classroom alone - hands-on experience is a must!

Internships can make all the difference when applying for your first job after graduation.

Develop your skills

Theories learnt in the classroom and then put into practice or implemented at your internship not only makes you an asset to your internship employer, as you are bringing a fresh educational perspective to the workplace, but it also helps you bring real-world applications back into the classroom, thus strengthening your comprehension and performance as a student. This symbiotic relationship leads to exactly the kind of development of knowledge, experience and skills for which employers are looking.

Overall, the most highly regarded skills in interns are the ability to work in a team, the ability to obtain and process information, organizational and planning skills, verbal communication skills, and decision-making/problem-solving skills.

Internships help you decide your path

Internships promote exposure to various fields, allowing you to better decide which branch of your chosen field of study best suits you, based on your experience on the actual job. This is of great value, when sending out your CV with confidence and knowledge, not only of where you want to work, but knowing you have the talents and skills required to make a difference as you embark upon your chosen career.

If you are perhaps undecided on your major, stuck between one or two different majors, or even if you are confident in the major you have chosen, multiple internship experiences can provide you with the exposure you need to make the best and most informed decisions for your career development.

During your internship, you will be afforded the opportunity of engaging in multiple projects, and interacting with all levels of office personnel, thus enabling you to diversify your experiences.

Why Study at Marbella International University Centre

Why Study at MIUC?

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Internship schedule

Most of our students prefer to take up the internships during the summer months, leaving them free to study throughout the academic year. The internships vary in their duration and remuneration, and are located both locally and abroad. The United Nations, The European Centre for Electoral Support, various Embassies and Consulates, along with several international businesses and organizations have all signed internship agreements with MIUC.

Employers' profile

The employers selected by MIUC to participate in the Internship programme understand full well that internships are designed to be learning experiences for our students, so not only will you be participating in multiple tasks, but you will also receive the kind of hands-on training and feedback that empower you to leave your internship with the confidence to excel at your next job.

We design individualised internships depending on the personal needs and requests of our students.

For more information on the Internship Programme please get in touch with us via email internships@miuc.org or call us at +34 952 860 000.



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