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MIUC is committed to working with quality agents who represent our institution. Our work with agents, advisors, counsellors and consultants centres around promoting and supporting quality, professionalism and integrity. Training is a core component of our strategy.

At MIUC we are pleased to receive applications from individuals, partnerships and corporations who wish to become agents and cooperate with us in recruiting international students for our Bachelor and Master Degree programmes.

You are welcome to forward your details to us so that we can assess your suitability as an agent based on the information you provide during the application process you will be informed of our Education Agent Code of Practice, the services and facilities you agree to provide as well as commission rates among other details.

Once you have passed the application proccess, you will be required to sign an Education Agent Agreement prior to any commissions being made.

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    If you are interested in becoming our education agent, please complete and submit the Education Agent Application form on this page. Once you have submitted your application it will be reviewed and you will be contacted to discuss whether you are eligible to be an Education Agent.


    • MIUC will provide the Agent with promotional materials, brochures, catalogues and other necessary resources.
    • MIUC will ensure the content on is up to date and accurate, communicating any change of prices or services on offer at any given time with sufficient notice.
    • MIUC grants the agent the authority to recommend students to MIUC in accordance with the rules and policies and/or other guidelines established on the webpage.
    • MIUC will send all necessary documents to the Agent for the student’s visa application process once the deposit has been made.
    • For every student who enrolls in MIUC through the Agent, MIUC will pay the agreed % of the first academic year’s tuition fee. This fee will be paid in euros in accordance to the payments made by the student, and will be sent as agreed with the agent. If the student is paying for the tuition fee in instalments, the agent’s commission will be paid in the same proportion and in the maximum term of one week from the day the student makes the payment. MIUC will always require the agent to issue an invoice to MIUC prior to making payments.
    • MIUC will return the tuition fee and any other commission received from the Agent, except the non-refundable deposit, in the event that the student’s visa is denied. If the student fails to apply for the visa they will lose all amounts paid.


    • The Agent will promote MIUC and its study programmes in good faith and loyally, according to MIUC’s interests and instructions.
    • The Agent will perform his/her obligations quickly, efficiently and ethically.
    • The Agent must perform his/her obligations with the utmost diligence and, in particular, must perform a continuous prospecting of students.
    • The Agent will ensure that any promotion and publicity of MIUC will be performed only under or in relation to MIUC and under the conditions which are established by the latter. The Agent shall not be entitled to use MIUC’s name in any way as a description or name of his/her own company. MIUC will provide the Agent with all advertising and promotional documentation and materials.
    • The Agent shall offer the programmes or degrees, or any other information or conditions which are indicated by MIUC’s webpage.
    • The Agent shall not become involved in any false or misleading conduct, or in any way contravene his obligations toward MIUC.
    • The Agent will respect advertising requirements, consumer protection laws and other regulations which are applicable in the country where he/she represents MIUC.

    Below is the list of materials to be used by MIUC Education Agents. You will be able to download them once you have been accepted as an agent by login on to your account through the login section on the top right of this screen.

    1. How to Apply
    2. MIUC Logo
    3. MIUC General Presentation
    4. MIUC Student Application Form
    5. Why MIUC?

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