Sophia Juarez

Sophia Juarez

BA International Business Management

USA, 21 years old

Nowadays, it’s understood that our society needs to encourage the development of a
different kind of person. Globalization is a reality and current educational models focus
heavily on the training and development of global citizens. This concept calls for an
authentic transformation in education where the emphasis is placed on the development
of competencies, skills and abilities that allow children and young people to create their
own learning experience, giving them greater freedom, flexibility, and creativity,
furthermore encouraging an active commitment to the complex world we live in today.
In the university sphere, Spain welcomes more than 100,000 students yearly from different
parts of the world, ranking as the third European country with the largest international
student body. Additionally, the number of foreign students enrolled in General Education
studies has grown over the past few years, reaching 154,428 students during the 2019-
2020 academic year, according to data provided by the Ministry of Education, Culture and

“The majority of my upbringing was in the United States. Coming from a small town, I wanted to
have a different experience. I am currently a third-year student studying business and I can
gladly say that the experience has been beyond what I ever expected.
With Spain, I was able to experience a different culture than what I had back in my town. I had
the wonderful opportunity to meet new people from different backgrounds. A lot of them gave
me new perspectives on political conflicts as well as everyday issues that we go through as
Outside of the university setting, I got to travel around the south of Spain and visited places like
Ronda and Sevilla. I became immersed in the ways of Spanish life.
If anyone is ever given the opportunity to go out of your comfort zone and travel, I encourage
you to do so. I would never have the amount of knowledge and memories that I have today if I
never took the chance to take risk and adventure out.