MIUC COVID-19 Spring Update

Marbella International University Centre continues to monitor closely all the regulatory developments, news updates and government guidance related to the COVID – 19 health protocol. This page contains Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for Marbella International University Centre (MIUC) students and staff. The page will be updated as new developments arise.



The health, welfare and safety of all our students and staff is our top priority as Spain continues to deal with the ongoing implications of the coronavirus outbreak. Protecting our individual and collective wellbeing will require the commitment and cooperation of everyone.


Face to-face-teaching, access to MIUC facilities and being part of our unique university community are key parts of the excellent student experience at MIUC. We have been working to create a safe and efficient plan that will allow us to deliver these elements when you start with us in the Spring Semester 2021, subject to government regulations.


MIUC is ready to teach in February. We are committed to engaging with you as closely as we can and to ensuring that you have a rich educational experience, that is safe and protected, so that you can continue to get the most from the University life and the city of Marbella.


We are pleased to welcome all students, both new and returning, for the Spring Semester 2021. You are adding your individual talents and energy to a vibrant MIUC community, and in so doing, making us stronger and expanding our intellectual reach and curiosity.


Safe return to campus


Students can return to, and start their studies, in the Spring Semester on 8 February 2021, despite any travel restrictions affecting them. MIUC campus will remain open, subject to government restrictions, and we look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible back to Marbella in February.


In the Spring Semester 2021 the emphasis will be on safety and health. We will remain committed to MIUC academic mission and the educational progress of students. MIUC will maintain a flexible approach to supporting our students’ pursuit of their degrees.


Academic calendar is available here: https://miuc.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/MIUC-Academic-Calendar-2020-2021.pdf


Welcoming you back to MIUC in February. From Monday 8 February 2021, all students, will be provided with an activity schedule. Additionally, all face-to-face teaching sessions will be provided online for students who are not able to return to the campus due to travel restrictions or health concerns. MIUC will also be scheduling time for you to become familiar with all of the services MIUC has to offer, including the library, IT facilities and Student Services. We will also deliver a range of events, so you can feel part of our diverse and vibrant MIUC student community. Following government guidance and without compromising on safety, we will be looking to expand the amount of activity that can take place on campus.


Orientation day. On 5 February, to help you begin your university journey, MIUC will deliver an induction programme. This will give you all the information you need to make the most of university life and provide opportunities to meet students, staff and faculty.


Both, new and returning students who cannot make it to MIUC for part of the academic year due to travel restrictions or health concerns, please e-mail Student Administration Officer at jelena.krajacic@miuc.org (along with an Online Registration Form).


All individuals who would like to enter Spain from one of the countries or high-risk areas in relation to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus listed on this link: https://www.mscbs.gob.es/en/profesionales/saludPublica/ccayes/alertasActual/nCov/spth.htm should have a certificate with a NEGATIVE Active Infection Diagnostic Test (AIDT) result carried out in the 72 hours prior to arrival and will not have to respect a quarantine period upon arrival in Spain.


This certificate or supporting document must be the original, and must be written in Spanish and / or English, French or German and may be presented in paper or electronic format. As these entry requirements are subject to change, we recommend always confirming with the airline prior to travel.


MIUC will continue to closely monitor developments in the global spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) and related travel guidelines. We will continue to communicate closely with members of our community and provide updates on student travel requirements. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact Foreign Affairs & Admissions Office on admissions@miuc.org.


Spain Travel Information following Coronavirus (COVID-19) Proclamation: Spanish authorities have declared that non-EU students holding student residence cards or with student visas in their passports, will be able enter Spain, provided they possess a MANDATORY certificate with a NEGATIVE Active Infection Diagnostic Test (AIDT) result.

Campus safety measures


We have implemented strict protocols to keep you safe and prevent the spread of Covid-19. This include installing screens at service desks, introducing a one-way system and controlling the numbers of people on campus at any one time.

Social distancing

Our campus has been reconfigured to accommodate a 2-metre distance between the individuals in all areas including classrooms, cafeteria, library and common spaces. We are also limiting the number of persons in an elevator and restrooms at any one time. Students and staff have different points of entry and exit from the building, both of which will be clearly marked. Physical barriers, such as plastic flexible screens, have been installed (among other precautions) at the Reception Desk, Student Administration Office, Foreign Affairs and Admission Office and Accommodation Services, as a preventative measure for students, faculty and staff.


All students, faculty and staff are asked to monitor themselves to see if they have a temperature higher than 37.5º C (99.5º F) or any symptom compatible with COVID-19. If so, they are instructed to stay home and contact the public health services. Students should also communicate their situation to m.stefanovic@miuc.org. Faculty and staff should also communicate their situation to HR cris@miuc.org or m.angeles@miuc.org

If you have been in contact with someone who has coronavirus (COVID-19) or you are vulnerable and within high-risk group (you are older than 60 years or who have health conditions like lung or heart disease, diabetes or conditions that affect their immune system or pregnant) you should notify us immediately via aforementioned emails. Temperature screening will be implemented periodically on campus.

Training Programme

Training Programme

MIUC will organise a comprehensive training programme for students, faculty and staff to promote these health and safety measures and to ensure their proper implementation. Educational signs have been placed to promote best practices.

Face Masks

Face masks must be worn on the MIUC campus – both indoors and outdoors – at all times. MIUC provides all the students, faculty and staff with face masks.

Hand-Sanitizer Dispensers

ll classrooms, offices, exits, entrances and common areas have touchless hand sanitizer stations installed.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

All common areas and high touch point areas are cleaned, ventilated and disinfected daily, observing our enhanced housekeeping policy.

Online learning tools


MIUC online learning platform is used to complement face-to-face learning and build on our reputation for excellence in teaching, learning and student support. Online learning platform enables us to provide you with an enhanced student experience and range of online tools ensuring the delivery a University experience that is collaborative, active and relevant for an increasingly digital world.


We will use technology to keep you close to us (socially and intellectually) despite the physical distance until you are able to join us. If you can be in Marbella, then we will be welcoming you on campus for classes and using that same technology for some aspects of your teaching. There will be face-to-face teaching, supported by expanded digital resources, as well as academic and pastoral support. This will allow everyone to work together at the same pace and with the same technology.

Student support


Our top priority remains to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our students and staff. We are 100% committed to ensuring we maintain the value and integrity of our MIUC student experience so that you develop the skills and knowledge that will help you secure a successful career.



We will continue working to ensure we have the correct measures and procedures in place for welcoming you in the Spring Semester 2021. Please check your email and follow MIUC on Social Media. We will also keep this page updated so keep checking here. Should you need any advice or support, please drop MIUC a line on: m.stefanovic@miuc.org.


We appreciate the trust you are showing by joining us at this time and the confidence you are placing in us to support you in your academic goals. We are very glad to have you with us and we are here to help and support you on your journey to your chosen degree. We look forward to seeing you soon as you begin your studies at MIUC and wish you good luck with your studies and all your activities.


Until then, best wishes to you and your families, stay optimistic and be kind to others.


We want to take this opportunity to assure parents of MIUC students that we take the faith you have placed in us seriously, and we are committed to working hard to keep the students safe and to support their academic progress and success. This spirit unites us all.


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