MIUC and Marbella Town Hall Scholarships

MIUC, in partnership with the Marbella Town Hall, will be awarding seven full scholarships to the brightest students of the city of Marbella.
MIUC, in partnership with the Marbella Town Hall, will be awarding seven full scholarships to the brightest students.

MIUC is pleased to announce that, in partnership with the Marbella Town Hall, is awarding full scholarships to the brightest students. MIUC together with Marbella Town Hall is honoured to make a contribution to the local community and continues offering scholarships that benefits the community and provides the perfect opportunity for students.

MIUC praises the leadership and vision of government of the Marbella Town Hall and would like to express gratitude for being given the opportunity to have a positive impact on our local community. We are humbled, privileged and grateful to receive a continuous and unwavering support of the Marbella Town Hall and their appreciation for MIUC. The established long-term collaboration helps local community to thrive. Its global orientation and culturally vibrant environment makes Marbella an ideal city for our diverse students. Educational opportunities is the core obligation our generation owes to the ones that follow.

Each scholarship will cover the tuition fees of our Bachelor or Master Degree programmes, including access to all MIUC campus facilities and activities.

Students on scholarships at MIUC enjoy the same status and benefits that any other MIUC student, including full use of all on campus facilities, learning materials and personal tutoring from our outstanding professors.

Applications will be reviewed individually and Scholarships will be granted taking into consideration factors such as academic performance and household income.

Application requirements

  • To have completed Baccalaureate or equivalent, a higher level education cycle or to have passed the U.N.E.D exam.
  • To be less than 24 years old at the time of the start of the programme.
  • To hold English Language Certificate recognised at MIUC.
  • To pass the MIUC standard English proficiency exam.
  • Not to be enrolled at MIUC as a current student.
  • To have achieved a minimum average grade of 7, 5 in the Baccalaureate.
  • For Master Degree programmes possess Bachelor's Degree

How to apply:

Applicants must bring the following documents to MIUC before the deadline:

  • Photocopy of National Identity Card or confirmation of request slip.
  • Photocopy of official high school certificate, higher-level education cycle or U.N.E.D exam with full grade transcripts and average grade.
  • Photocopy of statement of earnings of all household members from the last tax year. In cases where the household members do not have to declare their earnings due to low income, we request a confirmation certificate from Hacienda as well as evidence of unemployment benefits if applicable.
  • Work history of all household members who are over 16 years old.
  • The applicant’s description of their household’s socio-economic situation as well as their reasons for studying at MIUC.
  • For Master Degree programmes a photocopy of Bachelor's Degree

Please note that only documents that are submitted within the application period will be considered.

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