Ramón García-Rojo

Ramon Garcia-Rojo
Doctor in Physics, Ex-MBA

Ramón started his career in academia, first at the University of Seville and later as assistant professor at the Institute of computational physics of the University of Stuttgart.

In the last fifteen years he has developed a career in the renewable energy industry (EDP renovables, Enphase Energy) and electronic components (TDK). He has also gathered a solid multinational experience living and working in different countries (Germany, France, Spain, China, India, UK, USA, Brazil). His career history cover almost aspects of the multinational business operative: product development, quality, product management and marketing.

Along all these years, Ramón could combine his career in the Industry with academic activity and collaborations as guest lecturer at several European Universities (University of Malaga, University of Rennes, Delft University, University of Stuttgart, University of Helsinki).
Ramon Garcia-Rojo is European Doctor in Physics, Master in PV Engineering and Ex-MBA by IE Business School.