PhD Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid,
MA Economics, Boston University

Ming-Jin started her career with a BSc in Business Administration majoring in finance at the Taiwan University, she then moved on to complete an MA and an MSc both in Economics at Boston University, USA, and Universidad Carlos III, Spain, respectively. She then went on to earning a Ph.D in Economics at Universidad Carlos III where she has worked as a professor as well as at the University of Vienna.

Her main research interests are microeconomic, macroeconomics and their application to banking and finance and her current research focuses on Venture Capital Finance and its interaction with labour market regulations.

Ming-Jin has also been a visiting professor at various unis such as University of Lugano in Switzerland and Academia Sinica in Taiwan, her home country. She is fluent in Taiwanese, Mandarin Chinese, English and German and is currently learning Spanish. She has participated in various research projects and has received several awards for her publications and academic achievements.