Eugenio Clavijo


Originally from Marbella, where this University Centre has been established, had to leave the city to be able to study at the Granada University a new discipline on that time, Statistics.

After working in London went to ISM Dortmund for a financial and international business masters courses, he studied Actuarial Science at the Malaga University.

He has been involved in a lot of projects in very different knowledge areas such as HPC finance, business analysis, DNA Sequencing, cryptography, IoT, renewal energy and mobility, laser telescope image, social media analysis, blockchain etc. using his best abilities that are Analyze and innovation.

The Innovation can create disciplines like Cognitive computing, Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Big data using Neural networks, support vector machines, meta-classifiers, classification, regression trees (CART) etc. that are not statistical methods but just algorithms from computer science and he is always happy to test them with his Statistical tools.

He continues learning and believes that learning is a habit that is acquired using the skills you have and that improving these will provide you a better learning outcome.

He is still a member of different clusters and supervises European funded projects and PhD researches outside of Europe.