Almudena Ortega

Almudena Ortega
Master’s in Cognitive Processes and Neuroscience, University of Granada
PhD in Experimental Psychology, University of Granada

Almudena Ortega holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology (European mention), with a major in Human Memory and Executive Processes from the University of Granada, and a Master’s Degree in Cognitive Processes and Neuroscience, from the University of Granada.

In her PhD thesis, she investigated memory processes and executive function in young and old individuals.

In addition to presenting at several international conferences, she is also the author of a number of publications in both English and Spanish. She has also completed two research stays at St. Andrews University in Scotland and the Max Planck Centre in Leipzig, Germany.

She has participated in various research projects in human memory and bilingualism, working with neuroimaging and psychophysiology techniques as event-related potential and functional magnetic resonance.

For over more than a decade, Dr Ortega has taught courses in Psychology and Education in the areas of Experimental Psychology and Educational Psychology.