Alena Kiriljuk

Alena holds an MSc degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Montreux and is now finishing her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the same university. She is the author of several publications and has previously worked at the hospital of Prague as a Gestalt Therapist and Sexologist. She has also taught several courses in the areas of Psychology and Psychological Therapies, Criminal Psychology, Body Language and others. Here in Marbella, Alena collaborates with several Psychiatrists doing long-term gestalt and mindfulness therapies and teaches foreign languages. Alena joined MIUC this semester as Counsellor and her continuous and compassionate professional support have been indispensable.

Both physical and emotional self-care are essential elements of a balanced and fulfilling life. Talking to a professional is one of the most effective ways to achieve that. We invite our students to use the support available to them at MIUC and talk to Alena whenever it is needed.